The success Story of Mohammed Al-Arian

The New York Times described him as a mysterious man when he took charge of Harvard’s investment moratorium, and he is now known in the global financial community as “Wall Street Wise.” The global economy is said to be influenced by his comments and reactions, according to a large number of financial institutions, international newspapers and statements from many countries.

He is the most famous Egyptian economist in the world, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Arian, who lived his life in leading positions all around the world, thanks to his efficiency and skills in the economic sector.

Mohammed Al-Arian was born in 1985 in New York City, and his father was Abdullah Al-Arian, Professor of International Law at Cairo University, Ambassador of Egypt in France and Judge at the International Court of Justice. He received his education in the United States, Egypt, France and Britain. Although Al-Arian hoped to become a professor, he was forced to work when his father suddenly died at the age of 60, leaving Al-Arian, then 23, to take care of his mother and 7-year-old sister. After 25 years of experience, he has become one of the world’s leading market and financial analysts.

Al-Arian received his undergraduate degree in economics from Cambridge University, and then he received his master’s and doctorate in economics from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. He was the CEO of PIMCO International, the world’s largest bond investor, with a portfolio of over $1 trillion in early 2010. He remained in office until January 2014. He has been a member of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (EESC) since 2005, which includes the wealthiest elite of Egypt. The Board of Trustees of Zewail City of Science and Technology announced in June 2011 a donation of $30 million for the project.

Al-Arian has worked for the International Monetary Fund for 15 years in Washington, starting in 1983. His duties included serving as deputy director of the Middle East division and adviser to the First Deputy Director General of the Fund. Mr. Al-Arian has moved to the private sector afterwards, where he started to work in 1998 as CEO of Salmon Smith Barney of Citigroup in London, and in 1999 he joined Bimco Global Investment Corporation. He has conducted many studies on various global economic and financial issues, and has managed Harvard University’s investment endowment, succeeding Jack Meyer.

Although he was not so globally known at the time, he was able to achieve international fame after showing his proficiency in management, which earned the highest returns of the university in its history, reaching 23%.

Mr. Al-Arian has held several positions, including serving as a member of the National Advisory Council, and was appointed by former US President Barack Obama as President of the World Development Council in December 2012. He won the Financial Times and the Goldman Sachs Prize in October 2008 for his book “When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change”, for Best Business Book. He was ranked 11th in the list of the 500 most powerful Arab personalities in 2011.

Sources told US media that President Donald Trump is considering the nomination of Egyptian-American Mohammed Al-Arian as deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve.



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