Money Experts Advise Investing in Amazon if you want to Make Some Great Profits

Amazon’s current price is $1,575, which may be expensive for traditional stock price measures. But in fact, the current share price is very good and ridiculously cheap, especially for smart investors who trust the company, which in the last 21 years has proved to be one of the most successful investments in history. There is no doubt that investors are willing to pay this amount, or even more, for Amazon’s huge future returns. The company is recommended by leading economic analysts urging investors to buy and hold Amazon shares.

The first issue of Amazon shares was in 1997, and its beginnings were not good at all, and the company made huge losses in its first years. Competitors saw Amazon shares unable to trade or compete with companies in the same field at the time. Only Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said at the time that it was illogical to focus on the daily stock price, and that he was obsessed with satisfying his customers only and did not see the focus on competing with others. By continuously increasing customer comfort at the expense of quarterly profits, Amazon has achieved nearly 500% profit in the last five years.

Amazon mainly works in the field of online retail sales, but the company has entered into various other industries and surpassed them in an unprecedented manner. In the field of information technology, for example, the company has employed large infrastructure companies instead of buying their technology. Amazon also competes in video streaming services with Netflix, which still has a market capitalization of about one-fifth of Amazon’s value. A few months ago, Amazon said it was in the process of buying a US drug chain that competed nationwide in the major US pharmaceutical chains.

Amazon’s main goal is to have Amazon buy directly without any prior steps. The company is always aiming to innovate, as it has spent about 10 years researching new products and services for its customers. In the early quarter of 2018, Amazon joined Apple with $1 trillion in market value. But experts expect Amazon to overtake Apple in the race to surpass the $2 trillion mark as market value, simply because it has more growth potentials and areas. The strength of Amazon’s location services business has allowed massive expansion in other non-core areas by acquiring giant companies in various sectors.

Holidays such as Christmas and the end of the year have a huge turnaround in buying retail products, which leads to the rise of Amazon shares due to the fictional sales that occur at this time of year. Black Friday, one of the most important days of the year for Amazon as a global day for huge discounts, is buying up dramatically due to Amazon and its partners’ discounts.


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