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However, the most formidable threat loomed from the Arawak-speaking Shimirentsi (Piro) and Panoan Conibo residing in the Ucayali River basin. These Amazonian peoples were culturally very close, “while [they] differed markedly from Campa/ Machiguenga” (Gow 1991:32). Crucially, for both Piro and Conibo, wealth came from war expeditions, and both were notorious for raiding Campa settlements. Raided villages were burned down and their male defenders were killed (SantosGranero 2009b:56–61). Piro and Conibo often served as missionaries’ guides, using the opportune moment to pillage Campa villages and take women and children as slaves (Amich 1854:98, 100).

For example, the wellknown place of Naviriri’s death, Imoro Naviriri (the Naviriri Hole), is located not far from Mariscal Cáceres; the cave in which a shaman-turned-cannibal was shut away, called Manitzipanko (the Jaguar House; its Spanish equivalent is La Boca del Tigre, “the Tiger’s Mouth”), is eleven kilometers downstream from Santa Ana. Historical accounts of modern times are more overlapping in their scene settings, sequencing of episodes, plots, and characterizations, perhaps due to the accuracy of personal testimony, which remains relatively unaltered by oral transmission within the short time span of the tradition.

Texts 48–50: Rites of passage. Texts 51–58: Affliction rituals, particularly shamanistic interventions, and the role of the herbal healer in treating afflicted fellow men. 1 History For Upper Perené Arawaks, history is firmly situated in the temporal frames of concrete events enacted by agentive entities and is localized within a certain space. To be credible, the Ashaninka conception of history does not demand continuity and exactness in the spatiotemporal localization of happenings in the world.

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