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The disdain which much of the academic world felt for trade was matched in the business world by an attitude of rather amused tolerance toward the impractical theorists of collegiate halls. The new School was in office-boy apprenticeship still the crossfire. Getting Into Operation In the spring of 1908 the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration consisted of an idea, not fully defined; pledges of $25,000 a year for new Dean with no not fully subscribed; and an energetic business experience and with few business ac- five years, quaintances.

It was not from the undergraduate ever, that the founders of the schools of commerce, how- Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration expected the School to draw its students. They anticipated that the students enrolling at the School, like those entering the Harvard Law School, would be mainly graduates of Liberal Arts colleges. They placed their emphasis, not on technical preliminary training in business, economics, or other specialized subjects, but on the intellectual power, the cultural background, and the maturity which they expected to find among college grad- uates whatever the courses they had elected to take as undergraduates.

In its report the Committee stated: The School has received and deserves the increasing confidence and support of the community and above all of Harvard alumni interested in the progressive spirit of the University. It will require by the academic year 19131914 merely to continue on its present footing, an annual income of from forty to forty-five thousand dollars in addition to the estimated receipts from students. The additional income would be needed for inevitable increases of salary and expenses, and one additional professor of accounting.

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