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Like the magazine TOPOl, the TOPOl Library relies at the assumption that philosophy is a full of life, provocative, pleasant job, which continually demanding situations our inherited conduct, painstakingly elaborates on how issues should be varied, in different tales, in counterfactual occasions, in substitute attainable worlds. no matter what its ideology, no matter if with the reason of uncovering a more true constitution of truth or of taking pictures our anxiousness, of disclosing myths or of following them via, the result of philosophical task is usually the destabilizing, unsettling iteration of doubts, of objections, of criticisms. It follows that this task is intrinsically a discussion, that philosophy is at the start philosophical dialogue, that it calls for bringing out conflicting issues of view, paying cautious, sympathetic awareness to their constitution, and utilizing this dialectic to articulate one's process, to make it richer, extra considerate, extra open to edition and play. And it follows that the spirit which one brings to this job has to be one among tolerance, of regularly suspecting one's personal blindness and accordingly taking a look with impartial eye in each comer, with no fearing to go a (fallible) judgment on what's there but additionally with out failing to teach curiosity and respect.

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L 6 Likewise, the requirement (iii) that g be represented in the model by an operation h which assigns an element of It to each eligible pair of arguments xe I(t',t) and ye It' implies the existence of a unique value h(x,y)(c)e D t for each context ce C. This leaves no room for the various sorts of indeterminacy and overdeterminacy mentioned in the Introduction (such as those involved in the model stemming from the Holmes stories). Ideally, a model should indeed specify, for each relevant context, whether a given object possesses a given property; whether a certain object is the result of applying a given operation to another object; and so on.

Accordingly, we could generalize this conception by construing each domain of the form D(t',t) as a set of relations: D(t',t) s;; fp(Dt,xD t). In that case, the conditions on h become more specific: where xe I(t',t), ye It" and ce eM' h will satisfy the equation h(x,y)[c]=x(c)[y(c)]. £.. 2 clearly allows these to be arbitrary sets, hence to vary from model to model. In practice, one is often interested only in the study of models which agree in assigning the same, fixed basic domain to certain basic categories-say, only models in which Do (if defined) is a fixed set of truth-values.

C' [Proof Consider (4'). From right to left the implication is trivial, as completeness is preserved under extensions. c and letX={M': M'~M}. By Zorn's Lemma X:;t0, and by definition every M'e X is a consistent restriction of M with CM,=CM=C. c. Hence we only need to verify that any model extending each M'e X is an extension of M itself. Let M" be such a model and consider (~,t)e Vs, (x,y)e Vb, and te VI. Clearly we have d(~,t»);;, d "(~,t), otherwise there would exist ce C and ue Um> such that (c,u)e d(~,t)-d "(~,t), and the model obtained from any element M'e X by replacing d '(~,t) with d '(~,t)(C/u) would be extended by M but not by M", contrary to our assumption.

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