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How to steer clear of universal barren region mishaps and deal with them with a bit of luck if an emergency arises. In desolate tract Survival, writer Suzanne Swedo describes the entire talents you must continue to exist momentary wasteland emergencies, even if you develop into stranded via undesirable climate, are pressured to desert your pack, or get ill.

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The lens can come from a magnifying glass [including the base of some compasses], binoculars, camera or telescopic sights from firearms. Flint, Steel and Magnesium Blocks Flint is a stone which if struck with a piece of steel [knife] produces sparks, which will ignite tinder. Magnesium blocks [flint attached] are available commercially for inclusion in survival kits as emergency firelighters. 31 AIDS TO SURVIVAL Food LIVING OFF THE LAND Although food is not as important as the other three requirements for survival it is necessary for a prolonged survival situation.

They are operated by – 1. Holding the mirror in one hand and directing sunlight onto your other hand. 2. Slowly bring the mirror up to eye level and look through the sighting hole. You will see a bright light spot. This is the aim indicator. 3. Hold the mirror close to your eye and slowly turn and manipulate it so the bright light spot [aim indicator] is on the target. 4. Even though no aircraft is in sight continue sweeping the horizon as mirror flashes can be seen for many kilometres, even in hazy weather.

If you can pull out a rabbit’s fur, if its eyes are enlarged and dull or its body cavity slimy it should not be eaten. PREPARATION & COOKING OF GAME The size and type of animal will determine your method of preparation for cooking. Large Animals Should have the throat cut to 'bleed' the carcass, hung up by the hind legs, the gut contents, head, and skin removed then cut into joints. In a survival situation meat can be cooked by boiling, frying, grilling, baking or steaming depending on what resources are available.

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