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By Michelle Reid

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Damaged vows do not unavoidably suggest a damaged marriage...Angie de Calvhos intended each notice of the vows she shared with husband Roque on the altar. Pity he did not go back her sincerity...Expecting happy-ever-after, in its place Angie came upon herself facing a mortifyingly public separation! Now, divorce papers in hand, Angie has eventually equipped up the braveness to place an finish to her time as a de Calvhos spouse as soon as and for all. yet she's forgotten the magnetic pull that devilish Roque possesses. And that damaged vows do not inevitably suggest a damaged marriage...

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Once you got back on the rest came naturally—even down to blocking her audience out. Roque followed the long graceful glide of her body as she walked towards him. He knew what she was doing. He’d been handed this kind of treatment before. Angie could be irritatingly focused when she wanted to be, infuriatingly stubborn and tough. Once he had dared to believe he was marrying a sweet and innocently naive lost creature. A lonely child trapped inside a woman’s body because she’d never given herself the chance to properly grow up and taste life.

She’d spent too many years fighting her own battles to let fear of what Roque could do to Alex grind her to a quivering pulp now. On that bracing reminder, Angie tossed her hair back over her narrow shoulders and stepped across the kitchen to catch up her bag. A minute later she was standing in her hall, dragging on her coat as she followed her brother out of the door. CHAPTER TWO FRESH from the shower, Roque took a call from the lobby informing him that his wife had arrived in the building with a flicker of surprise.

She had to fight hard to stop her feelings from showing on her face. She’d expected to feel nothing. She’d wanted him to leave her cold. It was almost grotesque to discover that far from feeling nothing she was feeling everything. The old fierce, unstoppable attraction, the sexual excitement stirring up her blood. Even the desperate, aching clutch of hurt was a feeling. It just wasn’t fair. He was so tall he was intimidating, and that was saying something when she was no small thing herself. And the way he was standing across the lobby, backed by warm accent colours of brick-red and aubergine, framed by the soft lighting, he could have easily passed for a brooding, dark male model posing for a glossy photo shoot.

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