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By Baldi A., Franchi B.

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But Barthes knows, even celebrates, what Hans Christian Andersen’s blind-to-his-own-preposterousness emperor does not: that his grand clothes and majestic cloak are provocatively, even productively, invisible. That is why Trinh T. ”64 Barthes gives us a lesson, but it is not a lesson that one already knows. In Barthes’s own words when accepting his position as chair in literary semiology at the Collège de France: Then comes another age at which we teach what we do not know; this is called research.

For Barrie, growing up as a son of a weaver in his tiny house in the even tinier town of Kirriemuir, Scotland, was the fairy-tale, rags-to-riches story. But it seems that it was the reading that pampered him. And he caught the reading bug from his mum, a great reader. In Barrie’s own words: We read many books together when I was a boy, Robinson Crusoe, being the first (and the second), and the Arabian Nights should have been the 24 chapter one “reading boyishly”  next, for we got it out of the library (a penny for three days), but on discovering that they were nights when we had paid for knights we sent that volume packing, and I have curled my lips at it ever since.

Barthes became ill at a time when tuberculosis was a disease which made the patient an object of taboo. 71 Nevertheless, the sanatorium gave him two fundamental experiences that he would later wax nostalgic: For years you lived with people [boys] of the same age, often sharing a room with two or three others. What kept you going were the close bonds of affection which developed in this kind of environment. . The second thing, of course, was reading. What else did you have to do except read?

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A Г-convergence result for doubling metric measures and associated perimeters by Baldi A., Franchi B.

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