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In the New World, roadrunners, Squirrel Cuckoos and Yellow-billed Cuckoos occasionally take fruit along with a mainly insectivorous diet. Koels and other fruit-eating birds are ecologically important in the dispersal of forest fruits (Lambert 1989, 1991, Lambert and Marshall 1991, Compton et al. 1996, Kinnaird et al. 1999, Shanahan et al. 2001). The capsaicin chemical in the ripe fleshy fruit is distasteful to mammals but not to birds. The function of capsaicin is to deter mammal seed predators (small rodents are fruit consumers which crush the seeds and do not allow them to germinate) and not to deter birds, which are attracted to the bright fleshy fruits and disperse the seeds in their feces.

A bird grabs the insects disturbed by the others (Brosset and Erard 1986). Yellow-billed Malkohas Rhamphococcyx calyorhynchus follow Bay Coucals Centropus celebensis through the rattan creepers in Sulawesi, and they also follow troops of primates, Sulawesi macaque Macaca nigra and booted macaque M. ochreata. Redfaced Malkohas Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus sometimes associate with hornbills and other species. Other malkohas that feed in mixed-species flocks include Raffles’s Malkoha Rhinortha chlorophaea.

So far there is no evidence that the genetic distances observed between the clades and species of cuckoos correspond with the genetic distances expected from these tectonic events, based on mutation rates and the length of time since the events. The goal of biogeographic models should be to test whether the geological and the genetic times of divergence coincide (Zink et al. 2000). Habitats Cuckoos are mainly arboreal birds of forest and woodland. Their habitats are varied but include many primary, more or less undisturbed tropical rain forests.

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A UV -decomposed method for solving an MPEC problem by Shan F.

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