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By Erik Boot

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Neque mihi in manu fuit Iugurtha qualis foret ‘I had no power to form the character of Jugurtha’ (Sal. Jug. 4). 63 Arrows indicate the direction of the derivation: x → y means y is derived from x. 64 Cf. also the well-known instance of two genitives, one subjective, the other objective: pro veteribus Helvetiorum iniuriis populi Romani (Caes. Gal. 2) ‘for past outrages inflicted on the Roman people by the Helvetii’. 61 the noun and its modifiers 31 (70a) filius lugetur (71) (cum habeas) integerrimi municipi ius iurandum ‘(when you have) the oath of a town of the highest integrity’ (Cic.

They are valency nouns in that they require a complement: a genitive (54) or a prepositional phrase (55). These nouns are uncountable. In certain cases, for example contiones ‘speeches’, which are delimited in time and, in some way, materialized (verbally or in writing), they can be counted (duae orationes ‘two speeches’ Cic. Att. 1). However, such materialization turns them into the first-order entities. (54) illam Norbani seditionem ex luctu civium et ex Caepionis odio … neque reprimi potuisse ‘the outbreak of Norbanus, arising as it did from public mourning and indignation against Caepio … could not have been restrained’ (Cic.

Font. 19) CCCC amphoras mellis ‘four hundred jars of honey’ (Cic. Ver. 183) (33) Cives Romanos eius provinciae sibi ad rem publicam administrandam sestertium centies et octogies et argenti pondo XX milia, tritici modios CXX milia polliceri coegit. ’ (Caes. Civ. 4) Less precise quantities, great or small, are expressed by means of quantifiers in the neuter form, such as plurimum ‘most of’, aliquid, aliquantum, paulum ‘a few’ (34), followed by a genitive of quantity, or by multus ‘an abundance of, much’ (but not plurimus), which agrees in gender and number with the governing noun (35).

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