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At the end of the chapter we demonstrate that the standard description of Lenin in Soviet propagandistic literature has all the features of a saint of the second ethical system. In Chapter XIII, the results obtained in Chapter XII are generalized for formulae of wider application. In Chapter XIV, we investigate the processes of interaction between individuals of different types, such as, for example, between a hero and a opportunist. To describe such interaction the concept of' activity of an individual in a given interaction' is introduced.

On the one hand, we have behavior which can be modeled in a stimulus-response scheme. On the other hand, we can read the state of the inner world of an individual in the customary terms of this inner world such as 'image of oneself, 'image of one's enemy', 'guilt', 'suffering', 'sacrifice', etc. By changing a formula we can change both the behavior and the structure of the inner world of an individual. In this way we gain the possibility of connecting the peculiarities of the inner world with the peculiarities of the behavior of a given individual.

This is the main technical idea of our investigation. Such automata, unlike the traditional ones, reflect not only man's behavior, but also his 'semantics'. How are stimuli and responses interpreted in this model? Stimuli are actions directed at an individual by the social environment. These 'directions' may be 'good' or 'bad' within the framework ofthe morality of the culture to which the individual belongs. An individual's responses may be of two types: he either accepts the orders of the environment or refuses to do so.

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A-modules over A-algebras and Hochschild cohomology for modules over algebras by Ladoshkin M.V.

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