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She laughed. "He's abrasive. " "I've noticed his attitude. " 88 A MAN OF MEANS DIANA PALMER 89 "I haven't. Anyway, he'll mellow one of these days," she said. "He could use some mellowing. " She smoothed the lip of the cup. " He knew she was talking about Carlie. He sighed. "He thought he did. " He hesitated. "I didn't help matters. I made a play for her deliberately, to show him what she was. That was a miscalculation. A bad one. He's never forgiven me for it. " She noticed the way his voice trailed off, and she averted her eyes.

I'm sorry," he said, his voice deep and husky with sudden emotion. Her cold fingers came to rest on his and her whole body went rigid as a flash of white-hot pleasure shot through it. She caught her breath. He heard it. His own body tautened and the hands around her waist suddenly grew possessive, rough, insistent, as they pulled her tight against him. He could hear her breathing change. He could feel the faint tremor of her hands over his. Impulsively he bent his head and his mouth touched the side of her neck.

She asked, because of the way he was watching her. He shrugged. " She let out a long breath. " "You wouldn't want me to," he murmured dryly. "He's having too much fun being condescending. " She laughed softly. "I hadn't meant to be cloak-and-daggerish. It's just that it still hurts too much to talk about," she said honestly. "Colter told me the circumstances. It wasn't your fault," he replied. "Or your father's. " She nodded. "We both dined out on 'what-if just after it happened," she confessed.

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