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By William Archbishop of Tyre

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C) a room for the torture of Protestants under the control of Bloody Mary Tudor. (C) included three to five other families. (D) the room designated for the trial of those suspected of witchcraft. (E) consisted of an unmarried couple. (D) consisted of ten to twelve family members. 23. The graph below illustrates (E) established to increase the power of the English nobility. (A) the economic impact of the Great Depression. 21. Calvinists in France were known as (A) Anabaptists. (B) the devastating effects of the bubonic plague.

You are to read these documents, analyze the information provided by the documents, and then answer the question based upon your analysis. The purpose of the DBQ is not to test your knowledge of the subject of the documents. Rather, the DBQ tests your ability to work with historical evidence and formulate an answer to the question based upon that evidence. In other words, the DBQ requires you to act as a historian who must piece together information to shed light upon a particular topic. And, just like with the work of a historian, there will be no single right or wrong answer to a DBQ.

This statement is the first principle of 27. The illustration below most likely depicts the (A) destructive power of witches. (A) abstract expressionism. (B) devastating results of total war. (B) transcendentalism. (C) aftermath of the Great Lisbon Earthquake. (C) existentialism. (D) effects of nuclear warfare. (D) atheism. (E) nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. (E) postmodernism. com 56 DIAGNOSTIC 28. During the presidential elections of 1848 in France, a war veteran spoke of whom when he said, “Why shouldn’t I vote for this gentleman?

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