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By Bob Hale, Crispin Wright

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Written via a world meeting of prime philosophers, this quantity offers a survey of latest philosophy of language. in addition to supplying a synoptic view of the major matters, figures, ideas and debates, every one essay makes new and unique contributions to ongoing debate. subject matters coated comprise: rule following, modality, realism, indeterminacy of translation, inscrutability of reference, names and inflexible vacation spot, Davidson's application, that means and verification, purpose and conference, radical interpretation, tacit wisdom, metaphor, causal theories of semantics, gadgets and standards of identification, theories of fact, strength and pragmatics, essentialism, demonstratives, reference and necessity, id, which means and privateness of language, vagueness and the sorites paradox, holisms, propositional attitudes, analyticity.

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W. O. Urmson, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Kotarbinski, T. 1929: Elementy Teorji Poznania. Lwow, English translation, Gnosiology: the scientific approach to the theory of knowledge, trans. from the 2nd Polish edn by Olgierd Wojasiewicz, ed. by G. Bidwell and C. Pinder. Oxford and New York: Pergamon Press, 1966. 26 MEANING AND TRUTH CONDITIONS McDowell,J. 1976: 'Truth conditions, bivalence and verificationism'. In Truth and Meaning, eds. Evans and McDowell, Oxford 1976. --1977: 'On the sense and reference of a proper name'.

There is much to agree with in this objection - the Davidsonian account is an exercise in elucidation too - except that the principal contention seems wrong. It seems wrong to suggest that we should deny truth its foundational place in the elucidation of meaning. For there is a real advantage in going by the Fregean and Tarskian way. It is true that Tarski's construction, which consolidates Frege's, is conditioned in the first instance by Tarski's deep suspicion of primitive semantic notions. and this is a suspicion one may not share.

Requires withdrawal of A. Why does the relevant notion of correctness relate in this way to the broad notion of truth? ' Let us call this kind of correctness 'epistemlc justification' - one uses a sentence correctly if one is epistemically justified in using it to make an assertion. So now we conclude that, in general, the assertion condition of a sentence will have to spell out its basic form of epistemic justification. 3 we ask whether, even granted a conception of meaning as use, a sentence's meaning should be thought of as given exhaustively by its assertion conditions, or whether account should also be taken of the inferences it licenses.

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