James A. Van Allen's 924 elementary problems and answers in solar system PDF

By James A. Van Allen

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Booklet by means of Van Allen, James A.

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373. What is meant by the statement that "the Moon is at the ascending node of its orbit"? Page 51 374. What is the relative tide-raising effectiveness of the Sun to that of the Moon? For this approximate calculation assume that the Earth is 80 times more massive than the Moon, and 300,000 times less massive than the Sun and that the Sun is 400 times more distant than the Moon. 375. Sketch the geometric relationship of the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of a total eclipse of the Sun. 376. At what phase must the Moon be in order that it be eclipsed by the Earth?

Of the eight other major planets, the one that comes the closest to the Earth is (a) Mercury; (b) Mars; (c) Venus; (d) Jupiter. 164. Describe a geometric method of finding the distance from the Sun to Mars in terms of the astronomical unit. 165. Show how Kepler determined the radius of Mars' orbit. 166. 2 AU. Find the ratio of the gravitational force of the Sun on the Earth to that of Jupiter on the Earth at opposition. 167. How can a radar be used to determine the absolute value of the astronomical unit?

What is meant by libration of the Moon? 336. If the Moon had a mass equal to that of the Earth but its present size, the gravitational acceleration at its surface would be about (a) 26; (b) 4; (c) 2; (d) 13 g. 337. 5 billion years. Briefly, what is the principle involved in such a determination? 338. 9 degrees. Hence the Moon's distance is greater than the diameter of the Earth by a factor of about (a) 720; (b) 115; (c) 30; (d) 60. 339. In early 1971 the phases of the Moon were as follows: 19 January Last Quarter 26 January New 2 February First Quarter 10 February Full Suppose that an astronaut landed at the center of the Moon's face on 2 February.

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