Big Moves on the Stock Markets by Major Companies

In this article we’ll have a look at the prices and latest financial news regarding some important companies around the world. Find out what these companies have been up to recently and use the information to step up your trading strategies!

Cisco Systems: Cisco has surprised markets and analysts as the company’s share price was 4 cents above expectations, with a quarterly profit of 63 cents per share. The company’s revenue for network equipment and software came slightly higher than expected. Cisco has also announced an additional $25 billion for its stock buyback program. has partnered with Bank of America in its lending program, targeting small businesses that sell their products on Amazon’s websites.

Waste Management: The company reported a revised quarterly profit of 85 cents per share, two cents above expectations. Revenue also rose well above expectations. The environment company said it has achieved this goal by controlling costs and adding profitable volumes in a disciplined manner.

US Food: The food distribution company exceeded analyst expectations by 1 penny per share, with adjusted quarterly earnings of 44 cents per share. Revenues also exceeded expectations.

Avon Products: The cosmetic company has earned 12 cents per share, 5 cents above expectations. However, revenues were slightly below expectations. The company declared that it has the capacity to achieve its long-term goals, noting however that the effort could take some time.

Shopify: The huge supplier of e-commerce platforms rose by about 10 cents per share above expectations, with a revised quarterly profit of 15 cents per share. The company noted that sales by shops using their platforms have increased significantly.

TripAdvisor: The shares of the US-based travel and restaurant website was down by about 8 cents, with a revised quarterly profit of 6 cents per share. However, the travel operator’s earnings were higher than estimates, and the company announced a $250 million buyback program, giving a more optimistic outlook for the current year than analysts had expected.

Marriott: Marriott Hotels has announced a quarterly profit of $1.12 per share, equivalent to 12 cents per share, beating expectations.

NetApp: US data management company shares rose above expectations by about 8 cents per share, with a revised quarterly profit of 99 cents per share. Revenue was slightly higher than estimates. The company reported a total loss of $856 million relating to the new tax law.

Nestle: The company recorded its weakest growth in the 2017 sales, and expected modest growth this year.

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