American futures indicate opening sessions with slight increases

In the beginning of early morning trading today, Dow indices increased by about 20 points, indicating a positive opening of more than two points. Futures on the Standard & Poor’s and the Nasdaq were marginally higher.

Focus on the market is largely in line with global trade developments, as it will take five days before Washington prepares to impose more tariffs on Chinese goods.

On December 15, the United States of America will impose tariffs on goods imported from China worth 165 billion dollars. And the two largest economies in the world have imposed tariffs on billions of dollars on each other’s goods since the beginning of 2018, and this has led to a shock that hit the financial markets, businesses and consumer sentiments.

Investors will also closely watch the Fed sessions, as analysts expect US central bank policy makers to decide interest rates at a two-day meeting that ends on Wednesday.

In terms of data, the independent survey of the National Business Confederation for November will be released today. It will be followed by the release of revised figures for third-quarter productivity and labor costs in the third quarter soon thereafter.

In terms of corporate news, Autozone, holding supplies and design brands will report profits before the start of trading sessions on major exchanges. Dave & Busters, GameStop, and Ole dealerships will report their latest quarterly earnings after the market closes.


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